How Much Does a CPAP Machine Cost with Insurance?

When people are diagnosed with sleep apnea, many wonder if their health insurance will pay for their CPAP therapy. How much will a CPAP machine and supplies cost, and is it all covered by insurance? It's an important question, because it can all really add up if your insurance isn't going to help.

The good news is that most health insurance plans cover CPAP costs, as long as you remain in CPAP compliance. That means all you have to do is follow your sleep doctor's instructions and keep up with all your prescribed therapy, and some or all of your expenses should be covered.

CPAP, Health Insurance, & Compliance: How Does It Work?

If you're a new patient, you'll need to start with a face-to-face evaluation with a sleep doctor as well as a sleep test, all of which may be covered by your health insurance. It's important to check with your insurance provider to see exactly what's covered and what isn't. 

You should also keep in mind that, if your employer offers an FSA or HSA option, your CPAP machine and supplies are likely to be eligible for reimbursement. That includes RemZzzs® Mask Liners.

The key for ensuring your CPAP machine and supplies are covered by your insurance plan is to comply with the therapy just as your sleep doctor recommends. For most insurance providers, there will be a 90-day trial period during which you're expected to document at least 4 hours of CPAP usage each night for at least 70% of nights. If you fail to comply, you'll have to undergo another sleep test, which may not be covered by your insurance.

Keep in mind that RemZzzs® Mask Liners are designed specifically to make your CPAP therapy more effective, easier, and more comfortable—all at the same time. They create a soft, breathable barrier between a full face or nasal CPAP mask and your face, helping make a better seal and making cleaning simple. The bottom line? Our mask liners help thousands of CPAP users meet their insurance compliance requirements, so their insurance continues to help cover their therapy's costs.

What About Medicare?

If you're covered by Medicare, you can rent your CPAP machine from a supplier. First, you will need to undergo a Medicare-approved sleep study, even if you're already a CPAP user. After that, you pay 20% of your approved amount for renting a CPAP machine and buying your supplies, such as adapters, connectors, tubing, filters, liners, headgear, cleaning supplies, humidifiers, and others.

For Medicare, CPAP compliance means using your device for at least 4 hours per night, on at least 70% of nights, for a 90-day period.

If you meet these conditions related to CPAP insurance compliance and documentation of your therapy, and your sleep doctor certifies the benefits to your health, Medicare will pay your CPAP machine's rental fee for 13 months. After that, the machine is yours, but you'll still need to buy your supplies from a Medicare-approved source to continue getting your 80/20 copay from Medicare.

Where Do RemZzzs® Mask Liners Fit In?

When it comes to the comfort and effectiveness of your CPAP therapy, few options give you more than RemZzzs® CPAP mask liners. They're soft and breathable, made from pure medical-grade cotton. They help your mask seal onto your face more snugly and more comfortably, improving performance and making compliance easier.

Although many insurance plans do cover our mask liners, at this time, Medicare will not. But you can do something about it! If you're a CPAP user, you can click here to send feedback to Medicare. You can also send us a testimonial on our website. We'll use this information as part of our reconsideration request with Medicare. The goal is to convince them to change their policy so RemZzzs® Mask Liners become covered.


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