What Does Sleep Have To Do With Dog Food?

If dog food isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sleep, you're not alone! So what does it have to do with sleep and CPAP full face mask? Well, not much -- directly. But the term "dogfooding" is very relevant to our wide range of sleep apnea full face mask at RemZzzs! 

So what's "dogfooding" actually mean then? Mostly used in the digital world, the term basically means to use your own product internally. The term was first used back in the 80's by an employee of Microsoft. Apparently a team of programmers needed to test some software, and they decided to roll up their sleeves and test it internally on company employees. According to the story, a server named "dogfood" was set up with the test code. 

In essence, when a company talks about "dogfooding", they mean that a product (CPAP full face mask and sleep apnea full face mask) should be used by employees first before going out the door. And that, in a nutshell, is what we mean by saying that dog food is related to sleep. At Naturs Design, the makers of RemZzzs have dogfooded our full face mask liners from the very beginning. In fact, three of the original cofounders of the company use RemZzzs personally every night, along with other members of the staff. When we talk about the comfort of our product, or the way it will allow you to get the full benefits of your therapy, we aren't kidding. It's doing the same for us.

Some companies create products because somone had a good idea and thought people might spend money for it. And some companies create products that start with solving a pressing need personally, and then the product makes it to market. We like to think the second way of doing things helps the world become a better place. 


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